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Curious story of falling in love with German Shepherds

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Situated on the quaint shores of Lock Lake in Fridley Minnesota, we have the best of both worlds, lake living and big city...

Socializing puppies is a breeze for us. We have a park on three sides and the well-traveled Northern Corridor bike/walking trail across the front and down one side. This makes for a constant flow of unsuspecting puppy socializers, everyone wants to see the little monsters once they're turned out into the yard to frolic.

I’ve been showing German Shepherds since 1993. This was not my first love affair with purebred dogs. I started with a Great Dane who was greatly loved and is dearly missed. I was reluctantly talked into a German Shepherd and the change in my attitude was immediate. I purchased my first shepherd from Sharon Todoroff of Todorhaus German Shepherds. Having had a dog that was less than impressed with pleasing me (my Dane), made my first German Shepherd a real treat.

American, Canadian Champion Todorhaus Stealth v Chablis CGC HT was bought as a pet and turned out to be so much more. Since then I have been very fortunate to have been involved in the sport of purebred dogs. I have bred, consulted on breeding, co-bred and just plain palled around with some of the great minds of the GSD world and made many friendships that I will value forever.

To date, I feel my breeding program is progressing nicely. I’ve achieved some nice foundation dogs and some beautiful foundation brood bitches. My goal is to produce a sound temperament above all. Sound mind, sound body are first and foremost and the rest will come. Whether a show dog or a pet, all German Shepherds should share the qualities that make them truly an awe-inspiring breed.

With all that said you are now welcome to come in and enjoy the view.

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Every Day Champions

German Shepherd do many things, but we especially like the look of them. We do love our champions. One of the greatest compliment is when a judge looks at your dog and says, "That's the one, your the winner."

A Day In The Life

Here we are having fun!

Recent Blog Post

Things are alway moving around here. I'll try to keep this up to date but we are a busy bunch. Dog shows, dog training, and new ideas.

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Prospective Litter

We were so excited at the prospect of puppies. Auddy (CH Bmeerhuis-Zytut's Adiós V Joelle) is expected to come into season soon and will be breed to Tony (MBIS/MBISS GCHP CH Marquis' Hermes V Kenlyn). Unfortunatly the breeding did not take earlier so we are trying again this summer when Auddy comes back into season.

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Bmeerhuis is now a "Bred with H.E.A.R.T" Breeder through the AKC

The American Kennel Club has confirmed Roberta Moore as a Breeder With Heart.

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When It Comes To Supplements

I use it for show dogs, competition and working dogs, puppies transitioning to dry food or new homes, and defiantly for the high demands of gestating, lactating females. If you choose to try this great product be sure to enter the promo code "RUMOR" and get a discount of 10% on your purchase! They offer free shipping for orders over $75. Click on the Fido Vite logo below to learn more and order your product.

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What Are We Feeding

I am currently feeding Purina ProPlan. I trust the brand, I have feed many fad diets and alway go back to ProPlan. There is a ProPlan formula for all my dogs stages and health needs. Click below to check out all their options.

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