July 26th, 2019

Our Little Auddy Goes Reserve Winners Bitch

She is becoming a really nice show girl. There has been some nice winning leading up to the German Shepherd Dog National Specialty. The pre-show specialty had many lovely girls and Auddy won over 45 of them. Thank you Judge Mr. Michel Chaloux for recognizing this beauty.

FLASH - Following the GSD National Auddy showed at the Coulee Kennel Club, Winona MN and went Best Of Breed under Judges Dr. Steve Keating, then Group 2 under Mrs. Nancy D Simmons. She repeated the Best of Breed the following day again under Judge Mrs. Nancy D Simmons.

Bmeerhuis-Zytut's AdiĆ³s v Joelle

November 5th, 2019

Rizzo's Big News!

Rizzo has grown into him-self. He is maturing nicely and this weekend at the Coulee Kennel Club, Winona MN he showed off his big boy stuff.

Rizzo went Winners Dog and Best Of Opposite Sex both day and started his path to Champion. He is a large Black & Tan Male with a beautiful head, clean coming and going and temperament to die for and he can move.

Bmeerhuis-Zytut's Southern Nights v Joelle

July 26th, 2019

Working our way to CH

Becoming a champion is a long road with lots of ups and downs. To become an AKC Champion, usually you have to go to a lot of dog shows. A judge decides if you meet the standard for your breed and deems you a winner. You must accumulate 15 points under 3 different judges. At least 2 of these judges need to give you 3 or more points on that day. Points are determined by how many dogs of the same sex were defeated on that day; shows worth 3 points or more are called Majors. The AKC has lots of information on dog showing and how to get started. Check it out below

More information from the AKC

July 26th, 2019

Becoming A Breeder

Where to Start? Acquire the best possible female you can, put long hours into her care and wellbeing. Work hard to make her everything you think she needs to be a mom then you're ready go on the hunt for the perfect boy. Once everything is lined up and the breeding is done, you wait for the big day. Mom and puppies take a lot of work and time. When the puppies are 9 to 10 weeks they are ready to go to their new homes as healthy, well adjusted little bundles of fun and fur. I can go on for hours on this.

Learn More About Breeder of Merit

July 26th, 2019

Alarm System Armed

German Shepherds are naturally the guardian of your home and belongings. They do not need to be trained to protect you, it will all come naturally. The training is more to teach them how to determine when they need to protect or not. A well socialized friend is the greatest kind of German Shepherd.

Breed Standard for the German Shepherd

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